5 Tips for Choosing a Water Damage Company

Are you experiencing water damage in your home or business? If so, tip number one: deal with this issue as soon as possible.

See, water damage can ruin a property faster than you think. Even if the initial damage seems negligible, you’re risking all sorts of structural issues. Plus, water damage can lead to mold growth and other health problems.

If you find yourself in this situation, your best move is to call a professional. Here’s how to choose the right water damage company for your needs.

1. Verify License and Insurance

First things first: ensure your company of choice has a license to do repair and restoration work. Ask them about their licensing status. If they can’t provide proof they’re operating legally, start looking elsewhere.

Your company should also have valid insurance coverage. That’s the only way to protect yourself against unexpected damage and liability. For best results, pick a firm that can help you with the insurance claims process!

2. Get Some Recommendations

Even in this digital age, there’s no better marketing than word-of-mouth. Has anyone you trust needed water damage cleanup services recently? If so, check which company they hired and see if they did a good job.

Beyond personal recommendations, you can always ask the company. If they’ve been in the business for a while, they should be able to provide a few references. Check out third-party review sites like Yelp as well.

3. Ask About the Repair Plan

Water damage restoration is all about attention to detail. Reliable companies know this and will communicate with you throughout the process. They’ll also offer a detailed quote that includes any necessary extra costs.

Since no water damage scenario is the same, every repair plan should start with a property assessment. The plan may also cover water extraction, cleaning up debris, property damage reconstruction services, and so on.

4. Consider Restoration Equipment

Ask your company what type of restoration equipment they’ll use for the job. Depending on the extent of the damage, standard equipment may not do the trick. They’ll need specialized tools for specific tasks.

For instance, let’s say they have to dehumidify your property. To do that, they’ll likely need industrial-grade fans. They may also use anti-microbial sprays for mold prevention, thermal cameras for moisture mapping, etc.

5. Check Their Availability

As mentioned above, time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. That’s why your company of choice should be available 24/7. If you can’t get their customer support to answer the phone, that’s a big red flag.

Getting a quick answer is also an indicator of their response capabilities. A reliable company can deploy at any time and with a clear idea of what to do. This is particularly relevant in busy areas and during peak hours.

Choose a Water Damage Company Today!

The bottom line: do your research before hiring a water damage company. That said, don’t wait too long—water damage can get worse in a hurry! The above guide will help you pick the right company for your needs.

Looking for an experienced and reliable water restoration company? Our technicians at Cal Prestige are available 24/7 and can deal with any water damage situation! Contact us here to request our services.